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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. How to change the background image or picture in the calendar?

Ans: Click on the Handle icon which displays on top of the main image. You will notice the Main image popping out. Now click on the delete button and drag the desired image and drop it into the Photo frame.

2. Q. How to alter the text properties?

Ans: Option 1:  Double click on the existing Text and you will Notice a Text editor with the existing text on it. Now Delete the existing text or add new text and you have the facility to change colors, font and style as per your requirement.

          Option 2:  Click on the image button on the Top panel. Choose your Image folder and Drag and drop images to change the desired Background.

3. Q. How to add an event to the calendar?

Ans: Click on the date portion of the calender area which says double-click to change. A text editor will pop up and you can add an event here.

4. Q. Can I delete the image or text from the calendar?

Ans: This is restricted to a certain type of calenders intended to design for a particular type of store. In Most of the calenders the customer can delete the image and not the text included in it.

5. Q. Can I edit the dates and days in the calendar?

Ans: This is a standard template and the customization here is not possible.

6. Q. Can I move the image or text frame in the calendar?

Ans: Yes, you are able to move the text frame or Image in the calendar depending on the type of calendar you choose from our store. Some calendars are entirely customizable and some have their own design themes and properties.

7. Q. Is Resizing or Adjusting images within the photo frame possible?

Ans: Yes this is possible. To perform this, the user will have to move the corner handle which is marked in yellow as a square box in the four corners of the image area and resize it.    

8. Q. How to add an additional text frame in a calendar?

Ans: On the left panel there is an option called a frame. once you click on it, you can see a text button tool. Click on the text button tool and the text area will automatically get displayed on the calender area.

9. Q. Can I add additional photo frames in the calendar?

Ans: Option 1: Click on the Insert menu and click on frame to add a new frame.

         Option 2: Yes you can add an additional photo frame in the calender. Hold the letter F key and left click on the mouse and drag it to the desired area. Re-size according to your requirements.      

10. Q. How do I undo the changes, made to the calendar?

  Ans: Press the Control (CTRL) key and Z to undo changes or click on the undo button on the top menu bar.

11. Q. What Format of images does this software support?

  Ans: Currently our software only supports .JPEG and .BMP image formats. We are working on the other types of formats.         

12. Q. Can I add .png file format images into the photo frames?

  Ans: We are not supporting the .PNG image format at this time.

13. Q. What Size of image is supported by our software?

  Ans: We strongly recommend an image size of 2500 pixels or more in width or height for high quality output.

Note: In case you do not find the answers you need in this FAQ, please email your queries to We will reply to your message quickly.